Miranda is a doctor by day and a crafting bedazzling extraordinaire by night. She lives that tropical fabulous life and shares DIYs to share how you can do it too.

Miranda’s Blog Posts

Dollar Tree Outfit Challenge

If you know me you know I LOVE a good Dollar Tree DIY!!! There’s something about transforming cheap ordinary sh*t into something fabulous that I just love. I’ve done Dollar Tree centerpieces, wreaths, gifts etc… but there’s something I’ve never attempted before, a Dollar Tree outfit!!! Yes, I could have taped a bunch of stuff…

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DIY Phoenix Heels: Sophia Webster Dupes

I’ve been totally obsessed with the Sophia Webster butterfly heels for YEARS now; if you haven’t seen them I linked her stunning shoes here.  So much so that I’ve actually DIY-ed two different sets in the past year, shown below and linked here and here. When I saw these Phoenix heels I just HAD to give it my all!!!!…

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Tom Brady Jersey Mashup Tutorial: Part II

Last year I mourned the loss of Tom Brady… moving to another team that is. This was a tough pill to swallow as I have been rooting on Tom Brady for the last 20 years and he is truly the reason why football as a whole has been such an integral part of my life.…

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Tropical Vibes Playlist

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