Series by Sierra Flanagan

Inspired by aims to cut carbon emissions half in the near future and a personal nerdy obsession with mathematics, this series will explore objects which have brought me joy throughout growing up and uncover if negative connotations around having less can, in reality, foster a closer examination on the root of what brought that joy. I’m interested in exploring the importance of these objects in our lives their ability to create memories surrounded by people laughing, sharing stories and meals, crying, and experiencing life together which transcend the objects themselves. Do two halves of something make a brand new whole? Can half of something be whole in its own right? How can we recreate these experiences outside a system of hyper-consumption. Follow along here for new additions

Lobster Telephone – Acrylic on Canvas 12 in x 12 in
Pumpkin Beachball – Acrylic on Canvas 12 in x 12 in
Butterfly Camera – Acrylic on Canvas 12 in x 12 in


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