DIY Bridal Party Custom Feather Robes I Bridal Robe I Cricut Wedding

I am getting married in November and I wanted to create some fabulous custom robes for my bridesmaids and maids of honor to get ready in! If you know me you know I love everything glitter, feathers, and bling… so I had to find a way to incorporate these aspects into ever part of my big day… and that includes my fabulous crew!!.

Instructional tutorial below!

What You Will Need:

  • Bridesmaid Silk Robes- I purchased mine on Amazon, linked.
  • Bride Silk Robe- I found it was cheaper to order the style I liked with the feathers already attached, linked.
  • Ostrich feather boa– I ordered 5 boas from amazon, linked.
  • Cricut Machine and Cricut Sparkle Iron On Vinyl- I ordered white for my bridesmaids, linked, and pink for mine.
  • Iron
  • Needle and Thread

Stay tuned because I am going to be creating custom ‘getting ready shoes’ to pair with this robe as well as my bridal heels themselves!

Till next time fellow tropics!

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