DIY Phoenix Heels: Sophia Webster Dupes

I’ve been totally obsessed with the Sophia Webster butterfly heels for YEARS now; if you haven’t seen them I linked her stunning shoes here.  So much so that I’ve actually DIY-ed two different sets in the past year, shown below and linked here and here.

When I saw these Phoenix heels I just HAD to give it my all!!!! (Orly Shani killed this DIY and I got the got the idea to use brads vs studs from her.)

I think my result came out pretty freakin fabulous if you ask me!!!

Instructional tutorial below!

What You Will Need:

  • Heels with backing: Any heels with a backing to attach the butterflies to will work! The heels I purchased are Chinese laundry., linked here.
  • Vinyl Fabric: Purchased at Joanne Fabric.
  • Acrylic paints: To detail the wings
  • Cricut: Used to cut vinyl fabric. (You may also just use scissors like I did in my last video!)
  • E6000 glue: Purchased at Michaels, linked here.
  • Gems/rhinestones and wax pencil: I used an assortment of small accent hot fix jewels linked here.
  • Awl: To poke holes in the back of your shoe.
  • Brads: Purchased at Joann Fabric. Purchase either large or small depending on how obvious you want the ‘studs’ to look.
  • Moleskin: To protect your heels from the inside of the brads.

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