I Transformed My Grandmother’s Wedding Dress!!!

Growing up I have always been close with my grandparents (literally and figuratively as we have never lived more than a 15 minute drive away from each other). A few years ago my grandfather passed, which was absolutely devastating. The one, for lack of a better phrase, ‘silver lining’ of the situation is that since then my grandmother and I have formed a strong bond; she’s always checking in with me to find out what projects I’m working on and asking to see photos and videos of my various DIY adventures. Whenever I release a new Youtube video, she is immediately the first person I send it to, and I wait eagerly to hear her amaze and approval of whatever the heck I’ve come up with this time. She even called me ‘the sequin doctor’ which is a title equal if not better to the actual doctorate degree I hold 🤣

When I was visiting her a few months ago, as somewhat of a joke we played ‘dress up’ with her wedding dress!! To my surprise, it fit PERFECTLY! It wasn’t exactly my style, but a GORGEOUS dress non-the-less. My grandmother INSISTED it’s mine to do whatever I want with it.. hence my next DIY was born!!

In the following video I’ll show you how I upcycled my 92-year-old grandmother’s wedding dress to wear to my engagement photos!!!

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