DIY Upcycled Valentines Day Outfit

I have a LOT of different aesthetics when it comes to fashion. I find no need to pigeonhole myself into one style when the options are endless. One day I’ll be wearing a football jersey and sweats and the next I’ll be in a pink princess outfit with sequin boots; it’s about ~balance~. Lately I’ve been loving all things glitter/ sparkly/ glam, so I figured why not make a fabulous Valentine’s Day outfit to rock this year…after all… Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday anywaysso why not make myself up in a Bad-ass barbie-core pink fit.

This tutorial involves something old, and something new, something thrifted, and something gifted!


What you will Need:

  • Jeans: I purchased mine at Savers!
  • Fabric Paint and Paint Brush: I used a mix of white,pink, and yellow. Purchased on Amazon.
  • Heart Shaped Purse: This was gifted to me from a friend, she originally purchased it at TJ Maxx! I linked a similar option here.
  • Hot Pink Corset Top: Purchased from Amazon.
  • Jewels: I got this rainbow set from Amazon.
  • e6000 craft glue: Purchased at Michaels.
  • Wax pencil for Placement
  • Craft Syringe
  • Optional:
    • Retardant for smooth application.
    • I used my Cricut for templates, of course you can just cut out hearts from cardstock or free hand!

Till next time fellow tropics! #StayFabulous

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