DIY Chanel Chain Belt

I have been totally obsessing over these Chanel chain belts.

I searched the internet to see if there was any chance I could get my hands on one! To my surprise I couldn’t find any on sale for under $3000… so NATURALLY my next DIY project was born… and you know I had to put my own spin on it!!

Instructional tutorial below!

What you will need:

  • Chain Belt– I found one on Amazon for $9, linked.
  • Vinyl Fabric- I used the extra vinyl fabric from my original pair of butterfly heels, it was purchased from the Cosplay section of Joann Fabric!
  • Jewels-
  • e6000 craft glue
  • Wax pencil for Placement
  • Craft Syringe-
  • Jump Rings and Jewelry Pliers- Linked here.
  • Hot Glue Gun

Till next time fellow tropics!💎

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