Upcycled Shoe Series

If you follow me on any form of social media you know Ive been to A TON OF WEDDINGS this year!!! (…and I recently got engaged myself!) Let me start by saying I have NO complaints! Weddings are a blast and such an amazing way to celebrate my friends’ relationships, get the gang together, and an excuse dress the heck up for a night out; it’s no surprise that’s something I love doing!!

That being said.. every fabulous girl needs a fabulous heel to complete the look. This year I am determined to be fabulous on a budget (while also keeping up with sustainability) by upcycling as many items of clothing I own as I possibly can.. and let me tell you if I didn’t have a full time day job I’d be crafting, DIY-ing, and bedazzling all day.

Here is a compilation of my 4 favorite Shoe Upcycles over the last few months!

1. DIY Designer Butterfly Heels


OK SO this wasn’t an upcycle from a pair of shoes I already owned because I really wanted the perfect shoe for this one… BUT they were purchased on amazon for super cheap and a fraction of the price the real designer heels actually cost!

How I Upcycled:

*I actually have a full detailed blog post and Youtube tutorial on this one! Check them out!!*

2. Tropical Bling-ed Out Heels


These old scuffed-up wedges were originally purchased at Kohls almost a decade ago..I know that because I remember wearing them to my little sister’s high school graduation.

How I Upcycled:

  1. I painted white fabric paint around the entire wedge and seams of the shoe that were ripped/ worn down.
  2. I bedazzled the entire wedge with an assortment of jewels from previous projects, including DIY Bedazzled Baseball Hat and Sneaker Set, DIY Tom Brady Jersey Mash-Up, and more!
  3. I hot glue 5 gunned foam plumeria hair clips to the straps of each shoe.
  4. I glued matching jewels in the center of each flower to tie everything together!

I created these heels to rock at my engagement party!

3. Rainbow Bedazzled Heels


I originally purchased these shoes at Payless..RIP. THEY ARE THE COMFIEST heels I’ve ever owned… but they were starting to look a little tired..

How I Upcycled:

  1. I painted the strap with pink paint; I again used paint from my Free Britney Custom Jean jacket tutorial!
  2. I bedazzled the heel with an assortments of rainbow jewels from previous projects, including my Bedazzled Palm Tree Pink Romper Upcycle, DIY Valentine’s Day Lawn Flamingos!, DIY Butterfly Heels, and more..

Here I am channeling my inner Jasmine at my friends’ Ricky and Katelyn’s wedding!

4. Barbie Pink Heels


These were actually my first shoe ‘upcycle’ if you want to call it that…basically about a year ago I hot glue gunned a pink feather boa on these things and called it a day! Last weekend I decided it was time for a DOUBLE upcycle.

How I Upcycled:

  1. I hot glue gunned another feather boa for extra fluff! I used the left over boa from my Y2K Upcycle!
  2. I painted the heels pink. I used paint from my Free Britney Custom Jean jacket tutorial!
  3. I bedazzled the ankle strap with pink and silver jewels!

This craft literally took me like a half hour.. Its not my best work for sure because I was literally so busy but squeezed this in like an hour before I left for the wedding LOL so given that fact I’m pretty pumped with what I pulled off!!

Me rockin em at my Bestie Erica and John’s wedding!

I have more weddings coming up next month… and I’m even in the process planning my own wedding! So stay tuned for more ✨

And if you want a more detailed bedazzling tutorial, any of the other blog posts linked will take you there! Just made sure you have 1. e6000 craft glue, 2. a wax pencil for placement, 3. craft syringes, and 4. an assortment of jewels!

Till next time fellow tropics!!!

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