Free Britney Custom Jean Jacket: DIY

If you don’t know about the #FREEBRITNEY movement I’ll give you a quick overview. Britney Spears has been in a ‘conservatorship’ following her highly publicized mental breakdown in 2008. A ‘conservatorship’ is a court proceeded appointment of a guardian or a protector by a judge for someone who has lost the ability to make informed decisions and/or care for themselves; USUALLY due to old age/ dementia or physical or mental limitations.  In Britney’s case this ‘guardian’ is her father Jamie Spears… and he has absolute total control of her daily life and financial affairs: he controls who she talks to, what she posts on social media, where she goes… and the hundreds of millions of dollars she makes every year.

What’s highly unusual about this conservatorship is that Britney was deemed ‘physically unwell’ in 2008, but yet a few month later was deemed well enough to headline a Las Vegas residency for 4 years, release a series of studio albums, be a judge on the X Factor, go on 4 world tours.. among many other financial endeavors… therefore making her father (who is conveniently also her lawyer) extremely rich. What was supposed to be a temporary emergency situation has lasted over a decade.

In my opinion this is a basic human rights issue; you don’t have to like Britney’s music to give a sh*t about this extremely twisted situation.

ANYWHO: the following video shows details how I created a custom jean jacket inspired by the Free Britney movement.


What you will Need:

  • Jean Jacket: Thrifted at Goodwill for $5.00 NEVER PAY FULL PRICE for a jean jacket, there are SO MANY at thrift stores! 🙂
  • Britney t-shirt: Purchased on Amazon. (I wanted to use an old concert T from the circus tour I went too but couldn’t bring myself to cut it up!!)
  • Clear Needle, Thread, Pins, and Scissors: Used to hand sew the t-shirt to the jacket. (You could also use fabric glue for a no-sew option).
  • Fabric Paint and Paint Brush: I used white and hot pink. Purchased on Amazon.
  • E6000 Craft Glue: Purchased at Michaels.
  • Hot Fix Jewels: Gems/rhinestones and wax pencil: I used an assortment of small accent hot fix jewels linked here.
  • Optional: Painting Retardant

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Till next time fellow tropics! #FreeBritney


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