SHEIN y2k Upcycle II Featuring Classics like Bedazzling, a Pink Feather Boa, and even an Old House Phone

If you haven’t heard of Shein, its a ‘fast fashion’ online site with super cheap trendy pieces. Before you judge me.. trust me I totally get why a lot of fashion designers have a problem with these sites…. HOWEVER, I am someone who 1. creates my own unique statement pieces, 2. loves finding bargains at Savers and Goodwill, 3. purchases from expensive boutiques, 4. and YES I buy clothes off fast fashion sites every now and then: DO whatever fashion you damn please.


What you will Need:

  • Shein Outfit of Choice: My set linked here.
  • Jewels: The purple and silver jewels were originally purchased at Michaels for my Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Tutorial are linked here. I also used another set of jewels from Michaels linked here– because they are technically in the ‘glitter’ section not jewel section they are a legit fraction of the price!!! Fabulous on a budget yallll!
  • E6000 Craft Glue: Purchased at Michael’s, linked here.
  • Clear Thread and Needle
  • Pink Boa: Purchased at Joanne’s, linked here.
  • Optional:
    • Ancient phone with actual push buttons… jk but lets be honest how many people actually use s phone phone anymore…?! The phone I used was my childhood landline my parents were FINALLY getting rid of!
    • Pink and glitter spray paint for PHONE REVAMP

Before and After ✨

Till next time fellow tropics!✨

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