Bedazzled Palm Tree Pink Romper Upcycle ll No Sew, Fabric Paint, and and E600 Craft Glue

In this post I am going to show you how I upcycled pink long sleeve romper into a no-sleeve bedazzled tropical statement piece!! I originally purchased this romper about a year ago from Express; I absolutely loved the color and style but I could never really find the right occasion to wear it because it’s not often that I’m looking for a long sleeve-short shorts combo. I’m on a new kick of transforming pieced already in my closet and I’ve been having such a fun time doing so!!

Obviously I don’t expect you all to just happen to have a long sleeve hot pink canvas romper in your closet….but you could totally use these techniques for:

1. jean jacket

2. overalls

3. or even just the fancy belt portion of the craft

Full tutorial video below!

What You Will Need:

  • Seam Ripper
  • Belt
    • Accent trim: This multi-color rhinestone trim was purchased from ‘Target Trim’ linked here. (This was recommended to me by the DIY Designer, Orly Shani, she’s fabulous!!!!)
  • Bedazzled Palm Trees
    • Fabric Paint: Lime green and gold, purchased at Michaels.
    • E6000 glue: Purchased at Michaels, linked here.
    • Gems/rhinestones: I used a large assortment of jewels I have from previous crafts along with some new. An assortment of Orange/gold jewels for the trunk linked here, and green for the palm leaves linked here and here. All my small accent hot fix jewels linked here.
  • Scissors
  • Optional
    • Clear thread and needle: Used to tack the trim down.
    • Wax pencil: Used to place the gems.

Till next time fellow tropics!

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