2021 Weeks 13 and 14

Hey hey everyone!🌻 Welcome back to another week’s process blog! If you can’t tell by my paintings this week I got a bouquet of tulips and they’ve been both my muse and my ray of sunshine for the past 2 weeks. Let’s recap the weeks!

Meme Of The Week

The Weeks in Review

This week and last I read The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair. This book is incredible and if you’re someone who works with paint, after reading this book you’ll have a whole new appreciation for all the colors you use and the people who have dedicated their lives to develop them. It made me feel extremely appreciative to be creating right now where I have so many different colors at my disposal relatively easy to access. I’ll no longer take for granted being able to waltz down to the art supply store and have a massive array of colors. Whether you’re a history nerd. an art nerd, or just someone who loves a good story, I highly recommend this book!

The Secret Lives of Color
image from KassiaStClair.com

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts I signed up for Not Sorry Art School by Sari Shryack back in February. This class is amazing and as its tagline promises the curriculum is unapologetically updated with new content. The most recent upload from Sari is the Greenhouse Demo which talks you through the daunting task of painting greens💚🌿🪴! I followed along to this demo with a photo I took last year of a greenhouse back home in Massachusetts. If I’d just tried to paint along to the photo without the demo I definitely would have made all the errors that Sari warns about in the demo that painting with green. The final product is at the bottom of this post🖼. The course is getting updated soon with a new tutorial and I’m already excited for it! I cannot recommend Sari’s course enough!

image: instagram

Speaking of the lovely Sari, this week I listened to the Smart art Business Podcast episode interview with her. There are some really good tips in this interview about sharing your artwork on instagram. This is something my sisters and I have been doing on our instagram page and we’re always looking for new tips and strategies to grow our following. One of the things highlighted in the interview that I hadn’t really appreciated is the capacity to explore and discover new artists on the platform. Since listening I’ve been trying to find new artists and connect with them daily through hashtags, the explore page, and location tags. Also, this past week I launched an instagram page of my artwork as an offshoot to our page, check em both out!

Image: smartartbusiness.libsyn.com

This week I watched a documentary about artist Tracy Emin called What Do Artists Do All Day Parts 1 and 2 on YouTube. Her artwork is so powerful and brings up a lot of emotions that honestly make me pretty uncomfortable, but I think that’s part of her genius. Her bio and a collection of her works can be found at this link. One of the most interesting parts of the documentary is how she describes her process. She mentioned that to boost her creativity at the start of a day she starts with rough sketches from photographs she’s collected. I often find that going right up to my canvas on my newest painting I’m working on there’s a bit of a slow start. Inspired by her I ordered a collection of vintage Elvis postcards to sketch from to get started. More on that to come! Also to end on some good news, Emin has just announced today that she’s cancer free! I’m so looking forward to seeing her future work once she’s well enough to create again and wishing her a speedy recovery.

Image from Tate.co.uk

Paintings of the Week

Tulip Bouquet – Acrylic on Canvas Paper
Tulips and Mini Disco Ball – Acrylic on Canvas Paper
Greenhouse, Cohassett MA – Acrylic on Canvas Paper
Pink Door – Acrylic on Canvas Paper
Tulip – Acrylic on Canvas Paper
Levis – Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Thanks for recapping with me, don’t forget to check out the blog and our instagram pages for more content. Catch you here next week!

-Sierra 🌻

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