DIY Custom Retro Rick and Morty PS4

Want to customize a game console but feeling too nervous to paint directly on the device itself!? I have a work around technique for you guys that is fool proof!! By using the Procreate and the Modge Podge Method you can perfect your art prior to applying in onto your canvas!! The following video details exactly how I created this custom Rick and Morty Miami Vice inspired PS4 for my boyfriend! (PS- I plan on working on his PS5 next!!)

What You Will Need:

  • PS4 duh
  • Print out of your design: I created mine on the iPad with using the app Procreate. I included my design for your personal use below!
  • E6000 glue: Purchased at Michaels, I prefer the smaller ‘single use’ tubes, linked here.
  • Modge Podge: There are a tonsss of different Modge Podges out there, for this project I used the ‘Dishwasher Safe’ version for extra protection.
  • Acrylic round brush /or Poly Brush: For applying the Modge Podge, linked here.
Here is the exact design I created if you’d like to print out and use on your device!! I ordered my print from ‘Finer Works’ on 10′ by 10′ paper.

Till next time fellow tropics! 😎🌴

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