How to make a Fabulous Tank top in 5 Easy Steps!

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Let’s make a super easy and super fabulous crop top! I was inspired to created this look entirely from craft materials I had lying around my house. You guys….what’s better than jewels, flamingos, hearts, and a freakin feather boa all in one✨🦩💗✨

What you will Need:

  • Lilac tank: I actually ordered a kid’s size because I love how the racerback neckline looks (I know kind of crazy but it works!!) The kid’s tank I ordered off Amazon is linked here and a similar adult sized version linked here!
  • Old t-shirt: The heart shaped ‘patch’ I used was just cut from an old mint green t-shirt!
  • Desired patch: The flamingo patch I used linked here.
  • Fabric glue: I used ‘Fabric Fusion,’ linked here.
  • Hot Fix kit: Hot Fix is the new Bedazzler y’all and I love it!! My full kit with rhinestones included is linked here. For more info check out my full post on Hot Fix linked here.
  • Feather boa: I used the color ‘bubble gum pink’ which was purchased on Amazon, linked here.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks: My mini hot pink glue gun from Michaels, linked here.


  1. Cut tank into a crop top.
  2. Cut out heart-shape from old t-shirt and fabric glue onto tank top.
  3. Fabric glue or iron on patch (I actually used fabric glue and my heated Hot Fix tool to adhere in on!)
  4. Bedazzle the crap out of that thing!!!!!!!
  5. Hot glue gun feather boa across the neckline and ✨VIOLA ✨

Before and After!

Till next time fellow tropics! ✨🦩

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