Santa’s Fock of Helpers: Tropical Christmas Decor

I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to put some tropical flair into my Christmas decor! It’s 2020, no rules apply, so why not have a flock of lawn flamingos pulling ‘Santa’s Sleigh!?’

Instructional video below on how I created this tropical/ tacky Christmas display!!

Instructional Video:

What you will need:

  • Lawn flamingos- I ordered a two packs of two, in additional to an array of three others I had at home. Two different sets of flamingo’s linked on Amazon here and here.
  • Santa Hats:
    • Red Glitter Felt: I used about a quarter of a yard from Joanne’s, linked here.
    • White Sparkle Feather Boa: Joanne’s purchase, linked here.
    • White Pom Poms: Joanne’s, linked here.
    • Glue gun and glue sticks: My mini hot pink glue gun from Michaels, linked here.
  • “Rudolf” Flamingo:
    • Acrylic round brush– I usually get my brushes from Michaels or Amazon. A selection of small to medium brushes are essential for different designs, linked here
    • Red Acrylic Paint– I get most of mine at Michael’s (and when in doubt Amazon). There are so many brands out there- I find “Crafts Smart” and “Deco Art” to be some of my favorites.
    • Spray-on Lacquer– Choose a coating that is durable, sprays on clear, and is good for outdoor/indoor finish. The one I bought from Lowes is linked here.
  • Solar Powered Pink Fairy Lights- I purchased two packs from amazon, linked here.
  • “Santa’s Sleigh”
    • I really wanted to use a kid’s barbie jeep but also wanted to make this craft happen on a budget… My mom pulled the 4-wheeler out of our neighbor’s trash over the summer and I’ve been saving it for this project! Naturally, I painted it with pink exterior paint from Lowe’s. You can really get creative on what to use for the ‘sleigh’- maybe just even a big lawn chair in the back?!
    • Barbie- This was also second-handed to me from a family I used to work for; I remembered they used to have a large Barbie laying around that was never played with and reached out to see if they were getting rid of it! I added on a santa hat with the same technique as before.. only this time I used a pink boa I had from another craft. I added the tropical touch with a hula skirt made for a bottle of wine!
  • !!EXTRAS!!
    • Oversized Light up Santa:
      • I put out a post on my town’s facebook page asking if anyone was getting rid of an old oversized santa; I quickly got a response, and she even included two oversized snowman 😂. We set up a time and she left them in her driveway for free pickup! VIOLA!
    • MeleKalikimakaa sign:
      • I used teal spray paint and and the same pink paint from the 4 wheeler as well as a few other acrylic accent paints. I sealed it with the spray listed above and wrapped an old leis around the legs.
    • Solar Powered Tikis: These were purchased over the summer from Christmas Tree Shoppes. Similar ones found on Amazon here.

What I’m trying to say here is you don’t need to break the bank on these crafts!! Facebook marketplace/ local facebook groups as well as pulling things out of someone else’s trash are resources no on should be afraid to use!!

My other recent lawn flamingo craft post linked here!

Till next time fellow tropics! 🦩🎅


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