Scandinavian Felt Ornaments

Christmas is just 6 weeks away! Unfortunately we will not be getting together with family for thanksgiving this year due to COVID, (Wear your masks peeps) so we decided to decorate the house for Christmas early this year. These ornaments were inspired by ones that I saw on Pinterest. I have an extensive cookie cutter collection and I made these to decorate the wreath in our kitchen and mini tree in our dining room.


craft felt in whatever color you choose (I used 10 pieces of sage green and two white to create 20 ornaments)

embroidery floss



ribbon (I used 1/4 inch white velvet)

marker/fabric marker

Embroidery hoop

Thread the same color of your felt

poly fill stuffing is optional to puff up the ornaments

1. Decide on a size of ornament. Either use your cookies cutters to trace or free hand your design in order to begin. For one set of ornaments I used the ornaments edges themselves as the boundaries and for others I used the edge of my hoops and kept them circular.

2. Next decorate the front of your ornaments with your choice of embroidery floss or you can leave them plain.

3. Close the edges of your ornaments. For the round ornaments I stitched the edges with a machine, filled with a small amount of stuffing, then used a decorative blanket stitch. For the cookie cutter shapes I did not fill them and used both the blanket stitch or simple interrupted to close them.

4. Attach your ribbon/hanger. I used an x stitch through the back and chose green thread to hide the stitches as much as possible. You could also use fabric glue or machine these on.

Here is the final product. They are beautiful and they process was simple and enjoyable. I chose Christmas shapes + dog bones for the ornaments but I am going to add some maine and nautical shapes after seeing how great the final product came out!

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