Support Black Artists and Black-Owned Businesses

Take a look at some of the amazing products we’ve ordered recently from black artists and black-owned businesses, we know you’ll enjoy their work and products as much as we do! We’ll continue to add to this page as a resource and would love to promote and support more black-owned businesses that you shop from / own. Send them our way! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow #BlackLivesMatter .

Portrait Love Candle – Purchased from Sustainable Home Goods and Made by Portrait Coffee

LaToya Tucciarone has curated the inspiring shop SustainAble Home Goods & Accessories. Her business promotes the work of individual artisans, and I encourage you to learn more about the story of this business and get inspired here. The Rocket Love candle smells absolutely incredible … I can’t stop smelling it! I’m already looking forward to ordering a my next one, trying out some more scents from Portrait Coffee, and exploring their famous coffees. Check out their pages!

SustainAble Home Goods & Accessories

Instagram: @sustainablehomegoods


Portrait Coffee

Instagram: @portraitcoffeeatl


Earrings and Soapstone Bowl from Domain – Laura Hodge’s Studio

Domain is an amazing shop curated by interior designer Laura Hodges. This bowl was handmade from artisans in Kenya and the details on it are beautiful. The earrings also purchased from Domain sit so gorgeously inside of the bowl, and are made from sustainably sourced materials in Ecuador, and help to maintain forests for future generations by providing an alternative to farming work and deforestation. I have a space I’ll be designing soon and look forward to filling it with more pieces from her shop, check out her site!

Domain – by Laura Hodges Studio

Instagram: @laurahodgesstudio


Sometimes the King is A Woman – Banner from Rayo and Honey

Roachele Negron, the artist behind Rayo and Honey, needs no introduction. Everything on her site is amazing, I look forward to ordering more of her beautiful pieces, specifically her hand-painted pins! Every morning I look at this banner when I wake up and it reminds me to face the day like a boss. Do yourself a favor and check out her pages!

Rayo and Honey

Instagram: @rayoandhoney


How to be An Antiracist – Purchased from Frugal Bookstore

Ibram X. Kendi is another artist who needs no introduction. His books should honestly be required reading for anyone growing up or who has already grown up in America. Up next to read from Professor Kendi is Stamped From The Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. Next time you’re in need of a new read, check out Frugal Bookstore who are “changing minds one book at a time” (they ship!), or your local Black-owned bookstore (resources to locate some can be found here and here).

Ibram X. Kendi

instagram: @ibramxk


Frugal Bookstore

Instagram: @frugalbooks


**UPDATED Sept 2020**

Fitted Cotton Mask; Monstera Pink- Purchased from Vintage Royalty

Chicago native Meena Osei-Kuffour is the jewelry designer and owner of Vintage Royalty. Through her creations she strives to dress, style, and promote confidence to the wearer. Her statement earrings are truly one-of-a kind, the colors are gorgeous and I’m kind of in love with all of them. On her site she even offers local jewelry making classes! As the lover of all things tropical I just had to purchase the fitted cotton monstera leave mask, and I’m totally obsessed. Not only is the pattern, super chic the material is SUPER soft and breathable and it covers my face so well (there’s nothing worse than a mask that constantly falls below the nose -_-). The shop offers a few other face masks as well, I would highly recommend this purchase!

Vintage Royalty- By Meena Osei-Kuffour

Instagram: @vintageroyalty


Rocking my dope new mask 🌴 @mirandaflanagan

Travel Size Shower Icing; ‘Mermaid’, ‘Blue Hawaiian’, and BONUS SCENT- Purchased from Indulgence Spa and Body Products

Shop owner, Stephanie Willoughby has quite an impressive resume: achieving everything from earning her PhD in Educational Psychology to beginning a business painting children’s room decor, to even appearing on Food Network’s ‘Cake Wars!’ Throughout it all she never stopped creating homemade beauty products due to her own skin sensitivities, and ultimately with her signature creative flair, Indulgence Spa and Body Products, LLC was then born.

I saw her absolutely ADORABLE Shower Icings, (aka shower body wash designed to use with your loofah) and had to try them. There are OVER 50 different trendy scents, and so many I wanted to try. Naturally I started with ‘Mermaid’ and ‘Blue Hawaiian.’ To my surprise when my order arrived there was a freakin bonus scent included- ‘Coquito’!!! When do you ever order something and get a free surprise gift!? They all smell AMAZING too, the bonus sent might even be my favorite. I’m absolutely going order more around Christmas time for stocking stuffers; there’s a ‘Pink Flamingo’ scent I need to try for myself as well… Also, I’m not going to lie I’m super curious how ‘Monkey Farts’ smells….

Indulgence Spa and Body Products- By Stephanie Willoughby

Instagram: @Indulgencespaandbodyproducts


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