DIY Cowrie Shell Tank Top: Tropic Chic on a Budget

How I made a $100 dupe tank top for under $25!

I little while ago I came across the following shirt online and thought it was adorable… then I saw the price.. not so adorable anymore!

Call me crazy but a $100 tank top seems like a little much.

Then I realized oh I can totally make this on my own, and better yet make it even cuter. I had most of the materials already, all I needed was the tank top and the shells, so it literally cost me under $25 to create! I’ll break it down below!

What you will need:

  • Tank top of your choice, mine found on Amazon for $11.99 linked below:
  • Pre-cut cowrie shells, mine found on Amazon for $12.69 linked below (I have over 100 leftover to use for other projects too!):
  • Invisible thread, linked on Amazon for $4.80 here
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle

Instructional Video:

There you have it: how I made a $100 dupe for under $25!! I plan on using the extra shells for more diy projects! I’m thinking earrings… put some on one of those super trendy wicker purses.. maybe a necklace..!?

Till next time fellow tropics! 🦪

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