5 Simple Summer Rum Drinks: A Starter into the Tiki Lifestyle

Its national RUM day!!!

I’m a major fan of the tiki lifestyle. Finding secret tiki bars around Boston has been a hobby of my boyfriend and I over the past few years. The drinks served are always so exotic and certainly not the typical cocktail that you can sip on and instantly pick out all ingredients used.

I recently started reading ‘Smugglers Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki’ which is basically the ultimate tiki guide, linked here. Rightly named it is an absolute WEALTH of knowledge about the tiki culture and tiki drink recipes. After reading this was I was certainly intrigued, but I won’t lie, concocting tiki cocktails from home can be a little overwhelming given the complicated recipes and ingredients. Hence, I wanted to develop a “starter” list of 5 simple tiki cocktails….and there’s no better way to dive into the tiki lifestyle than with RUM!

I developed (and most certainly taste tested) 5 simple rum drinks for any summer occasion. Embrace your inner pirate and give these drinks a try 🗿

1. You had Me at Aloha

2. Grapefruit Rum Punch

3. Island Girl

4. Easy Creamy Pina Colada

5. Good Morning Captain

Ingredient Info:

This is my absolute favorite Coconut Rum.
This is my preferred grapefruit juice.
This is my preferred Coconut Cream.

I hope you enjoy these fun rum drinks!! As always be sure to share your thoughts with me either in the comments section below or via our instagram @ModernRenaissanceSisters.

Till next time fellow tropics! 🍹

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