Sunset Palm Tree Peace Rock Tutorial

In the first few weeks of the pandemic my mom dropped off individualized homemade hearts made of yarn to all our neighbors. It was like a little mystery- people wondered, who left the hearts!? When they found out it was her everyone was so appreciative, one of my neighbors even mentioned how it truly made her whole week.

A few weeks ago, after a particularly long work day, my neighbor came over to drop pink hydrangeas on my doorstep. They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time: it really did turned my whole mood around. She later informed me she left the pink flowers in particular to match my lawn flamingos out front- I thought this was just so thoughtful and cute!🦩 🌺

Around my neighborhood I have also noticed “peace rocks” or “kindness rocks.” This is just another simple yet effective way spreading hope during this global pandemic.

In the following video I’ll show you how to paint a simple palm tree sunset rock. I challenge YOU to spread this same joy to your neighbor, you never know who could use a little pick-me-up during this crazy time in our world ! πŸŒ… 🏝 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flat rock, 
  • Just 5 acrylic paints: blue, lavender, hot pink, orange, and black
  • Acrylic wash brush
  • Acrylic round brush 
  • Optional sealant spray to protect your artwork, mine linked here
I painted this on the back of the rock 🧑

Till next time fellow tropics! πŸŒ…

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