DIY Bride and Groom Wine Glasses

What’s Better than a Gift that Involves Wine..!?

I was inspired to make another custom wedding gift for one of my very best friends following my last customized gift post. She is getting married during this crazy time of quarantine and I wanted to gift her something a little special with that homemade touch. (She has since gotten married since I began this post! Yay!) My friend is a wine drinker so I figured why not supply her and her hubby a present they can put good use (who doesn’t love some 20 oz wine glass arm curls.) As mentioned in my DIY Customized Family Name Sign, etsy has cracked the code on “custom gifts” but I believe most things on Etsy can be done by anyone at home!!

I’m going to break down how to create custom adorable “Bride and Groom” wine glasses!

Basic Supplies you will Need:

  • Set of 20 oz wine glasses- DON’T SKIMP HERE and get the 12 or 16 oz glasses, your recipient will appreciate this trust me. I chose to do stemless for this project and I ended up purchasing a set of 4 from Amazon linked here.
  • Acrylic Paints– If you plan on doing other projects I recommend investing in a basic set of acrylic paints, I use them almost everyday (I’m a bit obsessed). Don’t be afraid to blend whatever paints you have to make new colors too! I get most of mine at Michael’s (and when in doubt Amazon). There are so many brands out there- I find “Crafts Smart” and “Deco Art” to be some of my favorites. An array of Michaels acrylic paints linked here.
  • Acrylic Paint brushes – Again, Michaels or Amazon. A selection of small to medium brushes are essential for different designs, linked here. The two I used for this project are a 1. an acrylic wash brush and 2. an acrylic round brush.
  • Paper Plate– Or anything you can blot paint on..
  • Painter’s Tape- On amazon here.
  • Black Ribbon– The polka dot ribbon similar to the one I used linked on Amazon here.
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks- If you are new to crafting I highly recommend investing in a quality glue gun. I use one passed down to me from my mom which is pretty bulky still rocks. Michaels has a good supply of small to large options, linked here.
  • Dishwasher Safe Modge Podge- There are a ton of different Modge Podges out there, but this is the one I prefer to use for glassware. IMPORTANT TO NOTE- in my experience it is NOT truly dishwasher safe, just a sealant from light water (and of course wine). The glasses should ALWAYS be hand washed. Linked here.
  • Modge Podge Poly Brush: Michaels or Amazon, linked here.
  • White lace– There are TONS on Amazon. If you can make it to a Joann Fabric and check them out in-person that’s the best bet for sizing purposes.


I cannot stress enough, do not skimp- Go for the 20 OUNCE glasses rather than the 12 or 16, very important ☝️!

  • Tape off each glass about one inch or so from the top (basically enough room to be able to sip from).
  • I taped The Groom glass in a perfect circle one inch from the top while tapering The Bride glass slightly in the back where the “veil/ train” will be.

🖌 You will be using your large acrylic wash brush. 🖌

  • With your hand inside the cup, paint each glass with your acrylic wash brush covering the entire lower surface area: white for the bride, black for the groom.
  • The white will appear VERY streaky on the first coat.

  • Let sit for at least an hour between coats.
  • This was taken after the first coat on each glass. As you can see the groom needs one or two coats while the bride will need at least three for full opaque coverage.

Here is what it looks like after two dried applications. (I ended up adding a third to the bride.)

The Groom

🖌 You will be using your small acrylic round brush. 🖌

  • For The Groom, start with an upside-down white isosceles triangle (wow I’ll literally never forget my 9th grade geometry teacher Miss Thomas who ingrained that into my brain…) and symmetric white lines on either side to imitate the “suit jacket.”
  • If you make a mistake, no worries just paint black over it and try again!

🖌 Continue using your small acrylic round brush. 🖌

  • Add collar, buttons, and flower details.
  • Pro tip: match the flower to the actual wedding’s theme colors for that extra ~sugar and spice~ personalized touch.

Modge Podge

🖌 You will be using a poly brush 🖌

  • If you are looking for some super light reading check out this 22 page guide on modge podge here…..If not I’ll break down the basics for you: Modge Podge was created to meet the crafting trend of decoupage, or the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts or other small mediums onto its surface. It also serves as a protective layer to water or other wear and tear. Modge Podge is a glue, sealer, and finish all in one.
  • For this project I used the “dishwasher safe” Modge Podge, but as aforementioned it really isn’t dishwasher safe based on past experiments of my own. Even with this Modge Podge you should always handwash!

  • Using the poly brush pictured above, apply over the entire outer surface of both glasses.
  • It is normal to appear streaky and white as it dries but don’t worry it will dry clear.
  • Apply at least two coats of Modge Podge: wait at least an hour between coats.

This is that it will look like after two dried coats of Modge Podge.
  • Once dried, glue gun a black ribbon around the paint line and add bowtie to cover any imperfections and add extra dimension.

How to Tie the Bow Tie

  • Take your polka dot ribbon, tie a knot in the center.
  • Next cut off the ends leaving about two inches on either side.
  • Fold over and hot glue to look like a perfect cute little bow tie.
  • Hot glue gun directly on to the glass.
  • Pro tip: Again, match the tie to the actual wedding’s theme colors for that extra ~sugar and spice~ personalized touch.

And there you have it: The Groom

The Bride

  • Remove tape and Modge Podge The Bride with same instructions as mentioned before.

  • I am using this plastic pearl bracelet as the accent around the top of The Bride.
  • You may also glue on individual pearls or cut down a string of pearls as you see fit.

  • Cut to the appropriate length and hot glue gun the bracelet (or individual beads) around the paint line.

  • Hot glue gun the lace around the base of the pearls
  • Use extra lace and bunch in the back to imitate a veil /or train

HOW TO make the veil/Train

  • Add another layer to the veil/ train: Fold the lace in half, cut on the diagonal and hot glue gun in the center atop the last lace bunch.

  • First additional layer added

  • Add second additional layer for more dimension.

This is the back of The Bride with the completed veil/train look.

And here’s the front of The Bride!

How freakin cute are these!?

Before and after!

….. and don’t forget to add a few of their favorite bottles of wine to the gift!!


And here is the stunningly BEAUTIFUL newlyweds putting them to good use! UGH this melts my heart!! 😍

Till next time fellow tropics! 🍹


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