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We’re 3 creative sisters with our own style sharing our art, projects, creations, and crafts.


Miranda Tropical and Tiki Inspired Lifestyle, Original Artwork, DIY Crafts and Projects (Based in Boston)


Rhianna – Coastal Life, Home Renovation Projects (Based in Maine)


Sierra – Original Artwork (Based in London)

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Turkey Mingo: DIY Lawn Flamingo Series

We are back with another DIY lawn flamingo!!! LAST HALLOWEEN I CREATED ‘SKELEMINGOS,’ FOR CHRISTMAS I MADE THE ‘SANTA’S FLOCK OF HELPERS’ DISPLAY, FOR VALENTINES DAY I CREATED ‘LOVE BIRDS.’ For total fun, I created the ‘Disco Mingo!’ …..and for thanksgiving this year I am creating a TURKEY MINGO!!!! Instructional tutorial below! What you will Need: Lawn Flamingo: The flamingo […]

Flammin Hot Cheeto Costume

For my second Halloween costume of the season I wanted to come up with something I have never seen before…. then it hit me.. an outfit…made entirely out of… Flammin Hot Cheeto Bags…. Stay with me here guys I have a vision! Yes you heard that right. I don’t know if that technically constitutes as […]

Lady Gaga Meat Dress: DIY Halloween Costume

Last year for Halloween I DIY-ed Lady Gaga’s iconic Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show outfit, linked here. I had so much fun with this look that I just HAD to create another Gaga inspired costume. This year I created the infamous ‘Meat Dress’ Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Dressing up as […]